About Our History

Imperial Crown Pet Cemetery was founded in 1924 by Dr. Charles F. Bauer, D.V.M., who operated a veterinary clinic in a building that no longer stands.

Since that time, the cemetery has survived several transfers of ownership, especially the years 1955 to 1991. After that time, the cemetery fell into disrepair and taxes to the county were seriously overdue. Concerned pet lovers, many of whom already had pets buried here, joined together and on October 23, 1992, the Friends of Imperial Crown Pet Cemetery, Inc. was organized and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.

This group immediately went to work to restore and preserve our local landmark. What you see today, well-groomed lawns, preserved monuments, and a building which serves funeral needs as well as a peaceful atmosphere, were all due to the efforts of this original group of people.

In 2002, the cemetery was officially made a Florissant Historical Landmark by the Florissant City Council. Thousands of pets of many kinds have been laid to rest here, in what is known to be the oldest pet cemetery in the Saint Louis area.