Serving Our Animal Companions

Whether they are furry, feathered, or something else entirely, we love them.

We can help during your difficult time. Whether you choose a traditional burial or a cremation, we provide a special place for your beloved pet so that you may visit as often as you wish.

Services that we offer:

  • Pickup from your veterinaries office or your home.
  • Indivdual burial and plots
  • Burial certificate
  • Viewing room
  • Three sytles of Caskets
  • Urns
  • Headstones
  • Cremations
  • Cremation burials
  • Pre-need arrangements

  • Three casket styles are available.

    The first is a single walled, two part casket. It is strong, well made and used most often.
    The second is our Regular Style. This casket is doubled walled throughout with an attached, hinged lid. Included in the Regular Style is a full length pad and a pillow.

    Last is our Deluxe style casket containing all of the features of the Regular Style plus the addition of a completely lined interior and a display skirt.

    You may include your pets favorite blanket, toy or other personal item in the casket, A short service with viewing for family and friends will be provided unless you choose otherwise. You may then accompany your pet to the grave site for burial. A temporary marker will be placed along with flowers after closure.

    It is required that a casket be used for burial. We only use a heavy styrene plastic because of its durability over time. Wooden caskets are not allowed. A cremation burial is allowed.

    We suggest that after a period of time, a granite headstone be ordered for an enduring remembrance. We offer many types and prices.

    Please inquire for current pricing at:     Friends of Imperial Crown Pet Cemetery
    115 North Hwy 67 (Lindbergh)
    Florissant, Missouri 63031

    We are located in the same parking area as the Battery Plus Bulbs store. Towards the rear of the parking lot.